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Gladeville Elementary School was formed with the consolidation of Gossan Mines, River Hill, Hebron, Mt. Vernon, Glendale, and the old Gladeville School. The present building was constructed during 1961-62 after much effort by the local people. The first school year was 1962-63 with 12 teachers, a full-time principal, and an enrollment of 419 students.

In 1966, the students and teacher of Bethany Elementary, the only black school in Carroll County, became a part of Gladeville School.

With the opening of our senior high school in 1969-70, the seventh grade was transferred to Woodlawn Intermediate School, giving us an enrollment of 363.

Kindergarten was added in 1973-74, which increased the enrollment to 456.

In 1973-74, the sixth grade was transferred to Woodlawn Intermediate School, with the fifth grade being transferred the following year. Gladeville became a K-4 school with an enrollment of 316 students, 14 teachers, a librarian, and a full-time principal.

The Cooperative Center for Exceptional Children, which includes students from Galax City, Carroll County, and Grayson County, became a part of Gladeville School in 1983, adding 14 students, two teachers, and two aides.

In 1989-90, a site-based pre-school program was added at Gladeville. This Early Childhood Special Education Program serves two-year-olds through nine-year-olds in Carroll County.

In 1993, with county restructuring and the closing of several elementary schools, attendance areas changed with Vaughan Elementary students attending Gladeville. At that time, the Cooperative Center for Exceptional Children moved to Fairview.

Gladeville became a K-5 school with enrollment of 245 students, 23 teachers, a full-time physical education teacher, a librarian, a principal, and itinerant music and art teachers.

In 1999-2001, our school system started new construction and renovation of five elementary schools. Gladeville was one of those schools. 

We currently provide the following facilities and services: separate bus loading loop, a full-time Title I reading teacher with aides, a full-time speech teacher, a pre-k class (added to our school in 2012), three classes of each grade -K-5, a technology lab, music and art facility, cafeteria, a comprehensive media center, gymnasium, resource rooms, and an administrative suite.

Gladeville Elementary School is located in the western section of Carroll County, very near the Galax City limits, 13 miles west of Hillsville, Virginia, and ten miles north of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The major industry is furniture manufacturing with a secondary industry of textile and clothing products.